Our objectives

Foster in the industry an entrepreneurial and creative spirit by offering our customers excellence in our services and products for the fields of micromechanics, automation and robotics.

Continue to grow in order to guarantee our technical performance, our capacity for innovation and our social policy towards our employees.

Ensure the sustainability of our company by increasing our volume of business in a smooth and controlled fashion.

Our values

Focus on listening to and respecting each and every customer, supplier and colleague to foster a climate of trust and transparency.

Preserve the competitive advantage gained from our company’s pluridisciplinary structure and the range of our diversified production programme.

Cultivate an open mind and ability to adapt to changes of all nature, with a view to sustainable development.

Our customers

We put our customers at the heart of our business in order to provide them with customized solutions.

We guarantee our customers the quality of our services and products through state-of-the-art technology and strict compliance with precision and safety standards.

We cultivate a sense of service towards each of our customers by accompanying them in every phase of the realisation and implementation of their projects.


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