When there is nothing on the market to solve your needs for a particular task in your production flow, HUMARD Automation SA can custom create a machine or an efficient and adapted piece of ancillary equipment.


  • Tailor-made machines and accessories
  • Adaptable to any process and to any machine
  • State-of-the-art automation
  • Productivity gains
  • Reduction of repetitive tasks
  • Simplification of work

System’HUMARD®, solutions that we invent for your presses and workpieces

Automate the control of large quantities of parts

The problem: shops specialized in the manufacture of watch bracelets need a large number of constant quality parts.

The solution: System’HUMARD® screw thread control system checks for the presence of burrs and removes the parts that fail inspection autonomously, reliably, and quickly.

Ensure the protection of operators

The problem: machine operators must be able to work while being shielded from splinters.

The solution: The HUMARD® Protective device for our hydraulic press comprises a laminated safety glass which protects the face and the eyes of the operator from potential splinters while operating. The glass is also effective in noise-reduction.

Reduce errors and maintain constant quality

The problem: a company must optimize its production and reduce errors on tightening torque with the Mecatool GPS 70, a machine-tool that is used every day.

The solution: The HUMARD® screwdriving system, Mecatool GPS 70, has been incorporated into a small box mounted on casters.  It reliably and repetitively fastens parts to be machined with a cycle time of less than one second per part. This considerably reduces torque errors when tightening.

HUMARD® Systems and Tooling

Download our brochure to learn more



Download our brochure to learn more


Taking care of your production

The problem: workpieces are sometimes marked or damaged when unloaded in bulk.

The solution: in order to avoid reducing part value, or making them useless, the Tong’HUMARD® dampening system was developed to eliminate the risk of impact damage when finished parts travel through a loading chute.

Simplify your operators’ job and protect your machine-tools

The problem: Cleaning the tool and die after stamping a part takes time, and requires discipline and ability.

The solution: a retractable blowing unit automatically removes all metal chips after the removal of the stamped part. When cleaned after each operation, the life of the tool and die is dramatically extended.

Facilitate the tightening of clamps on machines and slotted tables

The problem: double-bolt clamps can be difficult to manipulate and adjust. Faulty tightening may result in errors, tool breakage and even accidents.

The solution: A Brid’HUMARD® device simplifies this by combining this operation into a single move: when screwing down the clamp, it fixes the holding bar parallel to the table and tightens it at the same time.

Tightening this way avoids the use of shims and maintains the device at a pre-adjusted height.

With HUMARD®, the only limit is imagination.


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