A HUMARD® production robot, whether 6-axis, Cartesian or collaborative, will allow you to develop the full potential of your machine-tool pool: it reduces the workload, brings important productivity gains, and assures constant quality.


  • Adaptable loading cycles
  • Quick adjustment to any brand of CNC machines
  • Automatic preparation
  • Ergonomic and simple to operate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Modular and autonomous

How to get the maximum from your CNC machines using HUMARD® compact robots

Robot’HUMARD®  robots bring out all the potential of a pool of numerical control machine tools by optimising utilization : an autonomous robot operates continuously and reliably, even at very high rates of production.

HUMARD® robots make difficult and repetitive tasks, such as loading the raw materials or unloading finished parts, easy by adapting them onto CNC lathes, milling machines, hydraulic presses or any other high precision machine tool found in a machining centre.

A Robot’HUMARD® robot, whether Cartesian, polar, collaborative or humanoid, possesses from 3 to 6 axes depending on the production needs. Components are loaded in bulk by a vibrating bowl supply system or by transferring from pallets. With the help of machine vision cameras, the robot places and positions the loaded piece. Together with its integrated machine tool, the part is machined and then transferred to a platter where it will be packaged for the next step: shipping or another fabrication operation.

Adequately supplied robots can produce continuously, 24 hours a day.  As well, when the production processes have been modified to increase quality, that quality is easily maintained.

HUMANS see their work made easy

HUMARD® compact robots can perform as loading and unloading cells. They simplify considerably the use of machine-tools. The operator needs only choose the appropriate production program, supply the robot with raw materials and then take charge of the finished and packaged pieces.

HUMARD® Automation SA designers have made our robotized cells ergonomic to make taking charge of their operation and maintenance easy.

The machines can thus operate 24 hours a day in complete autonomy.

HUMARD® compact robot for CNC machines

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ROBOT’HUMARD® robots may have many lives

Designed to be modular, Robot’HUMARD® robots that have been adapted to a specific machine-tool can be repurposed.  Our engineers can rapidly couple them to a newly acquired CNC machine tool.

Robot’HUMARD® robots have been integrated to CNC machines from some twenty different brands, and it has been a success every time. A Robot’HUMARD® is easily adapted to any type of machine.

With HUMARD®, the only limit is imagination.

Loading Robots

  • Robot adapted to a production line
  • Polar Flex Robot
  • Machine transfer Robot – 6 positions
  • Robot on press
  • Robot on lathe
  • Automatic loading System on CNC machine

Automatic loading operations of parts in bulk

  • Watch hands
  • Watch hands in planing press tooling on a press
  • plates
  • machine transfer
  • machining
  • ½-sleeves in bulk
  • precision reamers
  • watch middle, blade loading
  • work-piece
  • pinion
  • dental turbines
  • irregular parts
  • On Carrousel oven
  • On milling
  • On press


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