Industry 4.0 needs to be connected, responsive, autonomous and operator-friendly. HUMARD Automation SA anticipates these changes by integrating YuMi® collaborative robots from ABB.

Characteristics of the ABB® YuMi® collaborative robot

  • Repeatability 0.02 mm
  • ISO-5 clean room
  • ESD
  • Maximum speed 1500 mm/s
  • MSD prevention
  • Dual arm, each with 7 axes
  • Wide range of grippers (suction pads, hands, collets, cameras)

YuMi®, the future of automation

Industry 4.0 is a revolution. A true milestone in the industrial world, this technological development offers working autonomy and independence while helping to prevent MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders). HUMARD® offers its customers high-tech, innovative solutions which allow them to be part of Industry 4.0.

HUMARD® is the official integrator of the YuMi® collaborative robot from ABB, the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial robots. This brand new solution is the ultimate human/robot collaborative tool. Designed to evolve alongside human needs, YuMi® meets the growing demand for responsiveness while guaranteeing employee safety. This is the first robot to truly embody a collaborative concept. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and dual arms, YuMi® adapts easily to workstations designed for humans to enable it to collaborate effectively.

State-of-the-art technology and innovation mean YuMi® is extremely fast (maximum speed 1500 mm/s) and accurate (0.02 mm). The YuMi® robot prioritises safety. If it detects the slightest change in its environment, it stops in just a few milliseconds. It has also been designed to keep employees safe. Its arm structure includes a padded casing to absorb impacts. This means YuMi® guarantees both safety and quality. With 24/7 operating capability, this new generation robot can be used with an AGV (automated guided vehicle) system to make it fully independent and autonomous.

YuMi®‘s arms each have 7 axes, enabling it to reproduce human movement. This means the robot is extremely versatile and can be adapted to a wide range of applications throughout the company. While highly independent, YuMi® remains a collaborative robot that requires a human presence.


  • Helps prevent MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders)
  • Collaborative machine (requires an operator)
  • Extreme accuracy
  • Ensures employee safety
  • Innovative arms capable of working on fragile parts without crushing
  • Detection of unexpected impacts
  • Movement stopped in a few milliseconds
  • Resumption of movement via remote control
  • Autonomy


  • Loading machines
  • Boxing up production
  • Discharging finished products
  • Collaborative assembly stations
  • Pick-up of bulk parts
  • Operation supporting the operator
  • Component monitoring and orientation
  • Product packaging
  • Origin setting via camera
  • Workstation recognition
  • Press fitting
  • Screwing
  • Meshing
  • Brushing

YuMi®: You and Me, let's build the automation of the future

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YuMi® robot applications

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