Research & Development


Our engineers design the whole device and the features of the systems and machines through constant dialogue and follow-up with customers and operators.

They consider factors such as the rates of production needed, the materials worked, the available tooling, the installation in the factory, in order to best adapt the development to the needs of the customer.

Each project has its own characteristics.  We foster effective interaction between different crafts and expertise. An optimal balance between research and exchange allows us to offer customized solutions and the most optimal progress that can be achieved.

Our machines are tools doing what they are designed to do, but also an ally for our customers’ continued success.

Project development

Well before the plans for the machine are drawn up, our teams will imagine it, think it through, develop it, and adapt it. They know its objectives, its features, its needs, and its constraints.

After the exchanges between the designers, the technicians and the users, a sketch is created, followed by a drawing and a detailed 3D model.

The machine takes shape in our shop. Our teams make daily follow-ups on its development and evolution, and adapt it directly according to feedback from the customer and from the tests performed in our shop by the end-users.

Pre-acceptance by customers is done in our shop, in partnership with our technical team. The machine is inspected and tested in minute detail before shipment and startup in your workshop.


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