Our partners


We have been an official partner of ABB Suisse SA since 2016. A key player in automation and energy technologies, this collaboration has enabled us to move into the era of the industry of the future.

We are benefiting from their “Authorized value provider” program, which offers us a number of advantages:

  • ABB provides us with technical support
  • Our knowledge and training are regularly updated
  • Our skills are certified
  • We have 24/7 access to their technical portal

This means we can guarantee our customers receive the best possible service.



Asyril SA develops, produces and markets high-performance flexible supply systems for parts and components.  Their smart vision system and their patented 3-axis vibration technology increase the speed, flexibility and precision of automated machinery.

Their expertise and key skills encompass the three sub-domains of modern parts supply systems: industrial vision, vibration technology, and precision robotics.

Asyril’s Asycube range offers perfect distribution of all types of parts, including parts with complex geometries, or very delicate parts.


Factory 5

The era of all-options machines came to an end with the arrival of digital technology. The IoT directs parts to a dedicated installation. Enhance the efficiency of your production with Factory 5 products, packed with cutting-edge technology. Thanks to our partnership, we have access to the first Industry 4.0 platform which has enabled us to re-imagine the future.



Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) manufactures mobile collaborative robots (AGV). These modular, easy-to-use robots can make businesses more efficient. They facilitate transportation and improve the logistics of your internal transit.

By integrating MiR AGV robots into our custom solutions, we can offer systems tailored to your requirements.

These unique collaborative robots are now being used by manufacturers working in a huge range of industries and sectors relating to healthcare, all designed to automate their internal transit operations.



ROEQ is a Danish R&D company established in 2002. In 2017, following a project for MiR robots, it developed a range of products designed to facilitate the automation of logistics.

ROEQ systems are designed to accessorise your MiR robot by adding new features to it (increasing its load, enabling your robots to complete multiple tasks).

We work closely with ROEQ to ensure your satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. ROEQ solutions are safe and reliable, enabling you to work in optimal conditions.

This equipment provides the solution to your company’s delivery and transportation problems by automating a production or assembly line, for example. It can also be used in medical settings to supply and transport the equipment required.