The origins of our ambitions

HUMARD, a family business since 1995

Driven by the same passion for precision engineering and innovation, two brothers, Georges and Raphaël HUMARD, set their sights on developing robotic solutions using the finest Swiss precision technology. Since it was founded in 1995, the company, based in Delémont, Switzerland, has gone from strength to strength. From the design of its machines to their ergonomics and the company philosophy, HUMARD cultivates its openness and adaptability to change in order to offer its customers high-quality services and future-oriented products. Today, the company is run by Georges and his two sons, Raphaël Jr. and Julien HUMARD, who continue to instil their innate talent for innovation, pursuit of excellence and passion for technology in their employees, customers, suppliers and region.

Les origines de nos ambitions

HUMARD, entreprise familiale depuis 1995

Animés par la même passion de la mécanique de précision et de l’innovation, deux frères, Georges et Raphaël HUMARD ont pour ambition de développer des solutions de robotisation grâce au meilleur de la technologie de précision suisse. Depuis sa création en 1995, l’entreprise basée à Delémont, en Suisse, ne cesse d’évoluer. Du design de ses machines, à leur ergonomie en passant par sa philosophie, HUMARD cultive sa capacité d’ouverture et d’adaptation aux changements afin d’offrir à ses clients des prestations de qualité et des produits avant-gardistes. Aujourd’hui, l’entreprise est gérée par Georges et ses deux fils, Raphaël Jr. et Julien. HUMARD qui continuent d’instiller leur ADN d’innovation, d’excellence et de passion pour le high-tech auprès de leurs collaborateurs, de leurs clients, de leurs fournisseurs et de leur région.

25 years of excellence

A rich history

Dessin des deux fondateurs d'Humard
Croquis représentant la première machin de palettisation d'Humard
Croquis représentant la première presse 125 tonnes d'Humard
125-tonne press
Croquis représentant le premier robot sur CNC d'Humard
Robot on CNC
croquis représentant la première usine Humard
Production plant 1
Logo de Humard lors du premier dépot de marque en 2001
Trademark registration
logo de new ingenia lors de son acquisition en 2002
croquis de la deuxième usine Humard en 2002
Production plant 2
croquis de la 3ème usine Humard en 2006
Production plant 3
Croquis de la 4ème usine Humard en 2008
Production plant 4
croquis de la première ligne d'assemblage Humard en 2009
Assembly line
logo de seuret SA lors de son acquisition en 2012
Croquis de la 5ème usine Humard en 2012
Production plant 5
croquis des presse Hu6 et HU12 pour leur développement en 2014
HU6 & HU12 presses
croquis du robot SC7 lors de son développement en 2015
SC7 robot
Croquis de la 6ème usine Humard en 2015
Production plant 6
croquis représentant un des robot collaboratif d'Humard, représentant le futur de la production industrielle
Industry of the future
croquis de la presse HU20 pour son développement en 2019
HU20 press
logo de Decotec lors de son acquisition en 2019
3 employés d'Humard discutant des futurs systèmes de productions de la marque

Our mission

Our mission is to push ever further in the integration of new technologies. To meet our customers’ needs, we develop innovative, tailor-made industrial production systems. By always being at the cutting edge of our field, and thanks to our Swiss made label, we support our customers in their technological evolution so that they can increase their skills.

… It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Photo des deux fondateurs d'Humard

Our Values

Innovation is our driving force. We are always pushing boundaries. We love a challenge, and one of the ways we respond when faced with one is through creativity and innovation. We like to surprise our customers with innovative solutions. We are always pushing the boundaries of technology. We like to explore new ideas, invent new things and revolutionise the market with our solutions. We draw on our creativity to set the tone and ambitious targets. We are not afraid of new things. We keep testing until every innovation is reliable and safe. A significant proportion of our profits is reinvested in training, innovation and R&D to ensure we remain at the top of our game.

Our customers are what makes us tick. They are the key to our success. We like to look after them. Our relationship with them is based on respect, trust, transparency, communication and sharing. We treat each of our customers as if they were unique. Each new encounter is a chance for enrichment, each new project a challenge that we are determined to tackle together, in full collaboration. Our focus is on customer satisfaction. We take care of them and their projects.

We want to meet their needs and exceed their expectations in order to develop a long-term partnership.

Our Passion

The challenge is what drives us. We want to make a difference every day.

Our customers trust us to develop solutions that work, and we take that very seriously. We overcome obstacles, find solutions and deliver outstanding results that exceed our customers’ expectations. We constantly challenge ourselves to give our best. We focus on solutions and arrive inspired every day. Thanks to our talent, passion and hard work, we’re helping to shape the future of robotics and automation. We’re extremely proud of our products and services.


We listen to our customers, our suppliers and the market.

Treating others with respect builds trust. It’s the glue that holds people together.

We respect the environment. We are moving towards non-consumption and fair consumption. We support ecology and sustainable development through our day-to-day actions.